Organized Learning

Mental Case for Mac OS X makes organizing your mental notes a snap. Gather them together in a ‘stack’, the Mental Case equivalent of an iTunes playlist. Then group related stacks in ‘cases’, which are like folders. Skim through your notes in the unique 3D browser, filter your notes, or drag them between stacks. Mental Case for Mac is the most powerful way to organize your study.

Learning Hub

Mental Case for Mac is your learning hub. After organizing your mental notes, you can keep them in sync across multiple Macs and iOS devices using iCloud or Dropbox. Any edits or new notes you make on your iOS device will sync back to the Mac, and when you study on your iOS device, your learning schedule is updated on the Mac when you sync.

Advanced Learning

Mental Case is not just a pretty face, it is a powerful learning tool based on scientific research into how people learn. It schedules your notes, gathering together the notes you most need to study at any given time. There are different schedules to choose from, based on your goals, from long-term learning, to cramming for an exam.

Capture Anything

Learning your notes is the ultimate goal, but first you have to get your information into Mental Case. The Mac app includes a number of features to make capturing information fast and easy. Built-in screen grab means you can make a new note of anything that appears on your Mac. You can even photograph something in the real world with your FaceTime camera. And if you need to import data in bulk, Mental Case can handle CSV files, including text and images.

Quick Entry

Mental Case is designed to integrate seamlessly into your daily work routine. Global keyboard shortcuts allow mental notes to be made whether you are working in Mental Case or not. You’ll never lose track of an important tip or snippet of information again. Add a mental note, and it’ll reappear in your study schedule until you remember it.

Print Flashcards

Mental Case is designed for digital learning, but if you prefer a more traditional approach, that's possible too. You can print out your mental notes as flashcards, and study the old fashioned way.

Free 14-Day Trial

Not convinced Mental Case is for you? Try it out for free. Download the free demo version, and test it. (Note that iCloud syncing does not work in the demo due to restrictions placed by Apple.) When you are ready, purchase on the Mac App Store. Your data will still be available, and you can just drag the demo version to the Trash.

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