Beyond Flashcards

Computers have helped move civilization forward in countless different ways. If you need to perform a complex calculation, write an article, or communicate instantly with distant friends, you’re in luck. But if you simply want to learn something — get some information into your head — you are largely on your own. Better get out the old 3x5 index cards, and start jotting down your notes.

The Study App

That’s history. Mental Case is a study aid designed specifically to help you learn. It doesn’t matter what you need to learn. It can be simple day-to-day facts like the name of a new colleague at work, or the date of your niece’s birthday. But it could also be of life changing importance, like studying for your high school finals, completing a medicine or law degree, learning a new language, or getting your driver’s license. Whatever it is, Mental Case is the tool for the job.

A Learning Platform

Mental Case is more than just a single app — it’s a whole suite. There are Mental Case apps for the Mac, iPad, and iPhone, and you can sync your mental notes between devices using iCloud or Dropbox.

Mental Notes

Here’s how it works: you enter what you want to study in the form of brief mental notes. These notes are similar to traditional flashcards, but are much more powerful. They can include as many facets as you like, each of which can contain text, an image, audio, and even a short video. Once you have a set of notes prepared, you can study them in beautifully presented slideshows, which make studying less of a chore.

Automated Study

That’s only half the picture though, because Mental Case also prepares an automated lesson of the mental notes most in need of study. Lesson preparation is based on scientific research into how people learn, in order to make the time you spend studying as efficient as possible.

Shared Knowledge

You don’t want to have to write all of your mental notes yourself. That’s why Mental Case has direct free access to Search for notes on any topic you can imagine, and download them with one click or tap. There are also plenty of options for sharing notes with others, including Mail and upload to iCloud (iOS-only).

What the Critics Say...

“Mental Case provides a very nice balance of functionality, desktop and iPhone/iPod touch integration and ease-of-use that make it the leader of the pack in the flash card genre for Mac users.”

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) ➤

“Mental Case is a beautifully designed new commercial offering in the flashcard software world ... It offers excellent support for interval study, graded slideshows for both study on demand and interval study as well as convenient set management. ”

The Fool's Workshop ➤

“Flash cards are tedious to make, but Mental Case makes it quick and easy to create many cards. It is a great way to study and has many more options than old fashioned flash cards.”

MacApper ➤

“Mental Case is a well designed application that would definitely benefit many who need to learn heaps of new information. It is super easy to create your own interactive flashcards, even easier to download pre made ones, and offers a great way to revise and follow your progress.”

MacAppStorm ➤

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